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My name is Edith Couch and I have been waitting almost a year on a tv that was to already have been here and yet still not everytime I call i get the run around in this little game I talk to the same employee everytime Rayond 456 employee number i have had this is a notice that i want a phone call within 48 hours or i take this to court and with the taped conversations and the information that i have you will lose everything and i will shut down this blue hippo so please let me know something 678-522-5702

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The complaint posted appears to be to a electronics store on a television.

First of all, I would like to state that there is no Raymond that works at this law firm.

I have received great representation in my case and I am a returning client.

Very Satisfied


So sad.....the couch wants her TV. I, on the other hand, just need my futon...


What the *** does this have to do with a law office? Looks more like a complaint against an online electronics store. No wonder you haven't gotten your tv set.

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